Litigation and Public Law

Law Firm | KK Legal

Litigation: We have been involved in major litigation cases covering various aspects of civil, penal and public law. In principle, we aim at providing our clients with the best possible “weapons” to reach an amicable solution wherever possible and even in some cases procure resolving differences without lengthy litigation, when we consider it to our client’s advantage. Our clients are always provided with a detailed schedule of our activities at the commencement of the case to evaluate all options in handling any type of case; thereafter, we apply a lean, cost-conscious approach to case management.

Public Law: Our firm is the leading firm in Health Services Public Law with extensive representation. Further, we have advised on a wide range of public and administrative law issues including the powers, rights, obligations and procedures of natural persons and legal entities as against the Government, handling judicial review proceedings before the competent Administrative Courts, the conducting of investigations and inquiries, injunctions, Data Protection and privacy issues

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