Health Law and Pharmaceuticals

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Health Law: We take pride in being considered as one of the leading law firms in Greece with regards to health care services. We represent primary and secondary health service providers all over Greece. This unique (for the Greek Standards) practice has provided us with considerable expertise. In our long active involvement in the health care Industry, we have left our mark in both providing insights for legislative initiatives by the government and in the implementation of the law. We assist our clients in understanding the complexities of the regulatory environment regarding the provision of health services. Our experienced and skilled attorneys provide advice on how the provision of health services must be structured, supervised, and billed. This involves extensive advice on the interpretation of the law and the drafting of the commercial agreements that are usually involved in health care. Our knowledge includes the following areas: (i) Health Care Legislation Compliance Programs, (ii) Diagnostic Imaging centers, (iii) Private Hospitals, (iv) Hospitals and Diagnostic Centre’s Certification, (v) Accreditation and Licensing, (vi) Academic Hospitals, (vii) Health Care Competition Regulation, (viii) Health Care Commercial Transactions, (ix) Privacy Law Compliance Programs and Doctor – Patient Privilege and (x) Medical Negligence Cases.

Pharmaceuticals: Our firm have provided legal advice and support on legislative and regulatory issues in the pharmaceutical sector, having worked in a number of clinical trials, co-promotion and related projects and having assisted in the course of drafting, commenting on and negotiating relevant agreements, as well as having represented corporations conducting business in the respective industry before the competent Greek Ministries, the Hellenic Organization for Medicines, the General State Laboratory, the National Ethics Committee for the Conduct of Clinical Trials, as well as towards competent University and Research Funds and other public and private institutions, in relation to relevant legal and regulatory matters.

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