Electronic Communications
& Information Technology

Law Firm | KK Legal

Our firm has worked in a number of IT&T/electronic communications and e-commerce related projects, including the first satellite project in Greece and have represented national and international providers of electronic communications networks and/or services as well as content, media and broadcasting service providers, in the course of their day-to-day management and in due diligence procedures, as well as in public consultation, hearing and amicable settlement procedures and other procedural matters before the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission, the Hellenic Authority for the Information and Communication Security and Privacy, the National Committee for Radio-Television, the General Secretariat for the Protection of Consumers, the Hellenic Consumers’ Ombudsman, the Data Protection Authority and the Administrative Courts (including the Supreme Court – Council of the State) in relation to relevant legal and regulatory matters and have provided extensive legal support and advice in drafting, commenting on and negotiating of respective contractual and other related documentation of legal and regulatory nature.

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