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Our firm has advised its global clientele on a broad range of complex corporate transactions and commercial law matters. In this respect, we have represented institutional and entrepreneurial clients in strategic and financial acquisitions and investments and have provided our expertise to private and public corporate companies. Our legal services cover all aspects of corporate law, with emphasis in the following transactions: (i) Mergers and Acquisitions, (i) Corporate Re-structuring, (iii) Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances and (iv) Leveraged Buyouts.

M&As: We focus on the effectiveness of the transaction in question, we cover the entire spectrum of a relevant transaction such as: (a) legal due diligence, (b) tax planning, deal and report structuring, (c) employee compensation and management retention programs (d) corporate governance and transition to the new status (e) risk allocation and (f) pending litigation and dispute resolution. Reports are written in plain language for the businessman to fully understand all issues regarding pre-closing negotiations and effective post-closing assumptions. We offer an extensive network of strategic contacts, and we enjoy making introductions that prove beneficial to our clients.

Corporate Re-structuring: We have provided advice to major corporate restructurings and always consider all aspects and elements in our advice or provide insights to new potential opportunities. Further, our Firm has extensively advised Private Groups and Publicly Listed companies on effective corporate governance measures and procedures. We have expertise on useful and practical customized processes for enforcing accountability to Corporate Groups and mandatory requirements for Publicly Listed companies.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances: Our firm has provided legal support and advice on projects concerning the establishment of joint ventures and the execution of Greek and international strategic alliance agreements.

Leveraged Buyouts: With regards to leveraged transactions or those involving debt refinancing, our attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating agreements on unsecured and secured lending, senior and mezzanine credit, derivatives and securitizations. In terms of private equity funds, including buyout and venture capital funds, our services include advice on: (a) M&A advice to portfolio companies, (b) structuring, negotiation, and execution of leveraged buyout transactions, (c) minority investments and (d) management compensation programs.

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