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KKLegal serves as an independent, competent and experienced Chief Compliance Officer or AML Officer providing the assurance of an independent and transparent compliance program that is sheltered from undue influence or incentive structures, being always alert and on call.

As part of our outsourced Chief Compliance Officer Service we assign experienced fully qualified attorneys to serve as CCOs that are fully backed up by the expertise of a team of compliance professionals (including auditors & forensic experts) and the full resources of the KKLegal organization.

Compliance policies, processes, and procedures: Our dedicated and experienced team understands the implications and requirements of new regulations, audits and evaluates your organization’s current compliance policies and procedures and design new policies, if necessary.

Anti-Money Laundering Services: We are responsible for leading, enhancing and maintaining your organization’s Anti-Money Laundering compliance program, including Know your Customer, Customer Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence activities. We regularly review the effectiveness of AML systems and controls, communicate with banks and regulators, and conduct quarterly and annual risk and compliance audit, while managing and ensuring timely and accurate filing of required reports.

Monitoring, Auditing and Internal Reporting: We leverage technology in conducting compliance and risk assessments, evaluating current reporting procedures and implementing new risk-based reporting processes. We even help your organization identify, verify and prevent breaches of regulatory requirements.

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