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KKLegal law firm was established in 2000 as “Katsikis, Kalamatianou and Co” law firm. It built on the founder’s dynamic approach and commercial practice.

The firm’s reputation grew to a market leader in the healthcare and technology sectors, mainly reflecting its “early adopter’s” attitude to technological innovations. We are proud to claim that the Firm is at the forefront of legal innovation Europewide, continuously updating its infrastructure, cloud and AI services to maintain its edge.

The firm's business expanded rapidly during the last decade, when it was engaged in substantial corporate, M&A, litigation, PPP and regulatory work and has become known in the market for its innovative and dynamic approach.

Today, KKLegal law firm represents some of the most dynamic corporate and private clients in Greece and abroad, providing a full corporate service, aiming to add value to their business though maintaining the characteristic personal approach. KKLegal combines the key strength of the “big law” traditional firm with the new flexibility of the Digital Age to “solve our client’s problem” without the drama (or the unnecessary billable hours) usually involved. It is this distinctive KKLegal ethos that underpins all our activities and differentiates our offering.


  • Controlled cost

    Maintaining low overheads mean that the client does not pay for staff that is irrelevant to his business or project.

    Experts are utilized as required and when required. An extensive pool of specialized and informed lawyers ensures that the right attorney will be called upon. Various alternative fee arrangements ensure that legal advice is cost effective. Custom-made automation processes stream cost from trivial work to value added work.
  • High efficiency

    The modular structure ensures that the attorneys involved always strive for their best.
  • Seamless cooperation

    Our vertical approach and close cooperation with all levels of your Staff ensures that they can seek for advice and opinion from a trusted attorney
  • Proactive approach

    Close cooperation ensures that problems are nipped in the bud before they become important. Fewer concerns for top management.
  • A Team as General Counsel

    The client is effectively provided with a Team that performs the work of the General Counsel.
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